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5 Most Common Running Injuries and The Best Tools to Help

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, about 70 percent of runners will become injured. Our goal as a company is to help keep you injury free and feeling great! Thankfully, Zensah’s innovative products and use of athletic compression work to prevent common running injuries. We have created a list of these injuries and the Zensah products that target each injury so you can perform without limits.

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Suns Out, Sleeves On

Monday, May 11th, 2015

With summer just around the corner, we want to bring awareness to the importance of sun protection. May was recently declared UV Awareness Month by the Prevent Blindness Organization and being a Miami based company affected by dangerous of the sun almost all year round, this topic really hits home for us. Get ready to learn all about the importance of being weary of the sun and how Zensah can help.

Suns Out, Sleeves On

Suns Out, Sleeves On

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She’s the Reason…I’ve Accomplished So Much!

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

How has your mom inspired you to be the person you are today? Lauren from our Analytics team shares that her mom is the reason she has accomplished everything she has wanted and more.

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Growing up, my mother was always incredibly supportive of me.  At the age of 3, she enrolled me in my first gymnastics class and I was hooked.  I decided then that I wanted to become the best gymnast I could possibly be, and luckily, I have a mother who was there willing to support me every step of the way. 

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She’s The Reason… I Live Adventurously

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

As we continue celebrating moms all week (and every day!), we asked members of Team Zensah to share how their moms have inspired them.

Suzanne, our Marketing Director, talks about how her mom has shared the spirit of adventure with her and ingrained it in her lifestyle. To read our other inspiring mom stores check out what Alberto and Heidi had to say!


One of my strongest memories growing up is going on a Saturday long bike ride with my family. We would wake up early to go on what felt like a 100-mile journey (in reality more like 6-10 miles) around South Florida – taking the back roads, picking exotic fruit, and jumping in the ocean. My mom was always at the front of the pack, leading the adventure with full-fledged excitement.

Over the years I have developed a passion for health, fitness and adventures – that is all because of my mom. She is an amazing cook and has always kept a house filled with the freshest fruit and veggies, teaching me the importance of taking care of my body through food.

My mom is always moving. Since the day I can remember she is either walking, running, cycling, at the gym, in the garden…it doesn’t matter what it, is she just goes! She is the reason I ran my first half marathon and first full marathon. And after seeing this all my life, she has inspired me to make movement a part of my lifestyle.

Suzanne with her Mom

Suzanne with her Mom

But most importantly, my mom is the reason I live adventurously. She has shown me to be confident in every decision I take, to be open-minded, and to explore everything the world has to offer. I definitely agree with Zensah in that we should celebrate Mother’s Day every day, because they help us take on every adventure with positivity and excitement!