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A Compression Tight Story

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

This fall we released a variety of new compression tights, each style designed with a unique purpose and story. Compression Tights increase circulation throughout the legs, relieve soreness, and help muscles feel supported and fresher. Read more below to find the best compression tight style for you!

XT Compression Tight

XT Compression Tights

XT Compression Tights

For our first Cut & Sew tight you know we had to choose the best fabric available. Lightweight yet supportive, the XT Compression Tight is available for Men and Women. The fabric is so light and comfortable that it has been compared to feeling like silk! The men’s style comes with a drawstring while the women’s version has a colored waistband when folded. The XT Compression Tights are perfect to wear on the run and for recovery. Consider this your new all-encompassing compression tight.


Firm & Fit Capri {and Tights}

Firm and Fit Tights

Firm and Fit Tights

Made with Warp Knit Technology, the Firm & Fit Tights are completely seamless for the perfect fit. Both the Compression Tight and Capri feature side mesh panels for breathability and style. If you are looking for a classic black tight that you can wear for working out and every day, this is the style for you. These are quickly becoming a favorite for all day wear because of their incredibly flattering fit and comfortable fabric. The name says it all, wearing these as a Capri or tight will make your booty look firm and fit!

The Recovery Tight

Kara Goucher - Zensah Recovery Tights

Kara Goucher – Zensah Recovery Tights

3D ribbing from the ankles to the quads and hamstrings provides targeted muscle support and high compression for faster recovery. The technology and fabric makes these perfect for recovery. If you sleep in them after a tough training day you will wake up the next day feeling great! These are Kara Goucher’s favorite recovery tights. While these tights can be worn for running, the fabric and fit make them ideal for recovery. Make sure to pack these in your marathon bag so you slip them on right after your race!

Running Accessories to Brighten Up Winter

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Winter officially begins Dec 21st but we know certain places around the World are already feeling the weather turning. So before we go into hibernation mode, we have some suggestions for taking your winter from dull to fun.

Also important to keep in mind, if you are running outdoors it is almost mandatory to wear high visibility colors to ensure you are seen.

Winter usually means saying goodbye to shorts and wearing black tights. Have you ever tried wearing your compression leg sleeves with your black capris?

Here we added the neon pink compression sleeves under our black recovery capri. This way your legs stay warm and you still get some color in your outfit.


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How To Keep Hands Warm For Winter Running

Friday, November 6th, 2015

There are some basic rules for staying warm for winter running. 3 key things to keep in mind are layers you can peel off as you warm up, moisture wicking clothes that keep you dry, and good gloves and socks to protect your hands and feet! In addition to keeping your hands nice and warm, our Reflect Running Gloves have some pretty awesome features that make them perfect for winter running.

  1. Micro Suede Swipe Wipe

    Don’t let a runny nose ruin your run! We added a micro suede fabric to the thumb so you can swipe it all sway.

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