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How To Set Goals – Tips from Team Zensah Athletes

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, we can’t help thinking about all the new and exciting things we want to accomplish in the New Year. But many times setting goals can be overwhelming and intimidating. So we asked our Team Zensah athletes to share their tips in setting personal and fitness related goals. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you too!

Laura Anderson
Don’t just set race time goals, think smaller like the day to day training things. Maybe it means having a goal to run 6 days a week, or to incorporate post workout strides more regularly. What about making a point to stretch and foam roll a few times a week. Building a strong foundation, finding consistency, and fine tuning day to day training will help those time goals come even faster.​ Goals don’t need to be just time related for races, creating healthy training habits will keep you going long after those personal best times have past.

Lincoln Murdoch
While we’re all familiar with goals needing to be attainable and actually do-able, I’d encourage athletes to think outside that box just a little. Somehow, I’ve been able to attain goals that I never, ever would have dreamed possible. So, my tip would be have “C” level, “B” level and “A” level goals. “C” goals would be reasonably attainable. “B” goals would be realized only with a perfect season of training with no setbacks. “A” goals would be way out there! Like…WAY out there. If you reach them, it’s amazing. If you don’t, there’s always next season…or the next…or, even the next. I never, ever dreamed I could win a national championship in triathlon. But, it happened…somehow. #sograteful

Jane Vongvorachoti
I listen to my heart. I listen to what dreams I have. I use the knowledge and experience I have to judge my talents and opportunities to create my goal and then I put together a plan to execute my goal.

Mary Winchester
Once you set a goal, break it down into bite size steps and check off each step as you move toward your goal. For example,  maybe your goal is to run a half marathon in 2016.  If you have never run a 5k or 10k make that a step toward your goal of running a half marathon.

Let someone else know your goals!  You will be more likely to reach your goals if you enlist someone to be accountable to.

Don’t forget to make process goals that will help you reach your PR dreams!  For example, commit to cross train twice a week or commit to getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Commit to eating better or drinking more water during the day. All these little goals contribute to you reaching your bigger goal- your race PR.

Christopher Malenab
 goal is defined as “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.”

I like goals over resolutions because I want to do more than do something, I want to achieve something specific. When people make resolutions, I think it is great to jump start something new and exciting or even maybe start something that includes healthier living and decision making. However, that becomes just too generic for me. I see those “I am going to workout” or “I am going to eat healthier” … starting January 1, 2016. How can those things be measured? Does one salad in 2016 or one push up in 2016 count as eating healthier or doing a workout? For some maybe.

Set a goal or goals, but keep in mind  … make them measurable … make it challenging … make it where at some point you wonder, CAN I DO IT? Create more than 1 goal … Put an “A” goal, a “B” goal, and “C” goal in there or even however many goals you want in there that you think your life allows you to set.

Heidi Greenwood
For me it is super important to know “WHY” I want to do something.  I “WHY” factor is what is going to be the complete driving force into your everyday motivation.  Once this part has been established I like to establish a plan on what I need to do to set myself up to reach the goal.  Examples of this could be developing a detailed training plan, connecting with a coach, signing up for “C” and “B” races to help develop fitness for an “A” race, or reaching out to possible training partners.  Having things written down on paper is just a game changer for me.  It also may be helpful to share your goal(s) with others.  This can help with accountability and also for others to understand your commitment (why you are spending countless hours in the gym or on trails and not at every happy hour).

Zensah Ballet – Compression Leg Sleeves for Ballet

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Although most people recognize Zensah as a brand for runners, there are many other types of athletes that wear our products. One group of athletes that really benefits from compression is ballet dancers! We actually have dancers in the Boston Ballet, Philadelphia Ballet, and the American Ballet Theater that wear our compression leg sleeves for training and recovery. See all the pictures below to be inspired by the beauty, strength, and grace of these athletes.


zensah-balletzensah-balletzensah-balletScreen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.25.32 PMzensah-ballet

Miracle – A Risk Worth Taking {A Story About Sports Bras}

Friday, December 18th, 2015

A couple weeks ago we got an email from a women who had just run the New York City Marathon. The title of her email ready “Miracle – a risk worth taking!” and caught our attention from the start.

In the email, the woman goes on to explain how she runs a marathon every year but has immense problems with chaffing and improperly fitted clothes. No matter the claims, every sports bra she has tried causes excessive chaffing in the chest and neck area. And its not just redness, the chaffing is actual pain and unbearable burning.

The day before the NYC Marathon she decided to take a risk and do the one thing you should never do on race day…try something new! She purchased our Seamless Sports Bra, which in her words ended up being worth the risk.

“The bra was beyond comfortable before, during and after the race. However that was not the miracle of the bra.  When I went to take my post race shower I was shocked to find that I did not have ANY chaffing. Nope, nada, nothing!

Not only did I not have chaffing but I did not have a single area that was irritated. This is beyond amazing, especially for someone like me that gets chaffing from a 5 mile run.  I have no idea how you designed this bra but it is the only one for me. Thank you, thank you for making this product!”

We are always honored and excited to receive notes like these. They help us continue our mission to help athletes achieve their goals without limits!

All of our sports bras are made in the USA and feature moisture wicking fabric and anti-odor properties with silver ions in the yarn. Here is some information about our sports bras to help you consider them for your next marathon!

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Importance of Recovery!

Friday, December 4th, 2015

Sabrina Lopez, age 24, is a Cross Country and Track and Field athlete with a career full of achievements and a huge passion for running.  From 2007-2009, she competed for OSU in the PAC 10 and earned All-West Regional honors in Cross Country.  For the next three years, Sabrina competed at Cal State Los Angeles in Cross Country and Track & Field.  During her time at CSULA, Sabrina was an All-CCAA honoree in Cross Country and the team’s MVP her senior year.  She served as captain of the CSULA Track and Field team for two years, and was CCAA Conference Champion in the 10,000 meters.  Today, she is sponsored by Skechers Performance, and is working towards her goal to compete at the Olympics.

Although it often goes overlooked, recovery is an essential part of any athlete’s training program.  As a seasoned athlete, Sabrina takes her training very seriously, and has learned to make recovery a key component of her training regimen.


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Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

By Vanessa Jay


When I was asked to write a segment for the Zensah #withoutlimitz movement, I felt like my topic was a no-brainer. But putting my story and understanding into writing was an obstacle. Adversity is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “an unpleasant or difficult situation.” However, in Latin, it literally translates as “to turn toward.” Adversity is subjective to each person. It may cause some people to grow and others to struggle. It’s something that I’ve experienced a lot of, and honestly, it’s what I attribute my professional and amateur success to.

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