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Best Holiday Gifts for Runners

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Best Holiday Gifts for Runners

In about a week, as shoppers come out of their turkey-induced food comas and shift into Christmas mania, a looming question will emerge in the minds of many: “What on earth do I get all of these people?!” With so many people and so many different interests, it often seems impossible to satisfy everybody on your list without having to give up on retirement or take out a second mortgage. The holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxation, family, and most importantly, love. Don’t let gifting stress take over; Zensah has many affordable gifts for runners or athletes in your life.

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Zensah Athlete Competes in Ironman World Championship 2012 in Kona, HI

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Elite Zensah Triathlete

Elite Zensah Triathlete, Ryan Frederickson, in Kona, HI at the 2012 Ironman Championships

Zensah athlete, Ryan Frederickson recently flew to Kona, Hawaii and competed in the Ironman World Championship. This is the original Ironman Triathalon, where it all began, and features around two thousand of the world’s most elite Ironman athletes. At Ironman events throughout the year, professionals qualify by scoring a specified number of points, and amateurs must place well or win a coveted lottery spot to be eligible. Frederickson garnered his qualification by winning the 18-24 division at Ironman Texas.

The challenge begins at Dig Me Beach, where competitors must swim 2.4 miles out and back, and is followed by biking to Hawi and back, which takes riders 112 miles across the Hawaiian lava desert. On this ride, Frederickson said he faced “harrowing head and cross winds, and a substantial climb to the turnaround in Hawi.” Athletes then run a marathon along the coastal Ali’i (Ah-lee-hee) drive to Keyhole Point, the westernmost point of the island of Hawaii. In addition to the extensive distance, Hawaii’s steep hills and strong winds provide an additional challenge for athletes.

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Dane Rauschenberg – Why I Wear Compression

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Before his passing, my father had horrible circulation in his legs following a hunting accident. He was often only even remotely close to not being in excruciating pain when his legs were wrapped in compression socks. He told me that keeping the blood from pooling in his feet was just one way he would help his legs try to heal themselves. I now simply wear compression clothing all the time to keep me as healthy as possible.

Dane Rauschenberg in Zensah Compression Socks

Dane Rauschenberg in Zensah Compression Socks

While you will catch me wearing compression socks during a race, to me the real benefit comes after and before race day. Whether it is on a plane or in a car for long periods of time traveling to the race venue or if it is doing a book signing at an expo where I have to stand for hours, my legs and feet would be aching ten times more if I wasn’t enveloping them in compression to keep the blood circulating and moving around.

But even on race day, especially with the much longer distance, I have found the compression helps as well. When I won the Ironhorse 50 mile race in 2010, I was wearing compression socks. For the entire length of the 202 mile running of the American Odyssey Relay I was either wearing compression socks or sleeves. Heck, in virtually every triathlon I did last year, I was wearing compression socks. Part of my reasoning for wearing the socks in those triathlons that was for the steadiness feeling they gave me during the race and part of it was so I already had socks on when I hit the bike and run portions. With the tightness of the socks on my feet I knew I wasn’t going to kick out of them in the swim and they also kept my toesies warm in some very chilly water (48 degrees for Boise 70.3). As I push the limits of what my body can do, I want to have all the help I can get form my gear.

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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Zensah Compression Apparel is proud to announce our new blog. We understand that life is busy. Between training, work, family, and everything else in your life, it makes it difficult to filter through so much information on the web. That is where we come in. We will use this blog to be post everything from running tips, industry news, upcoming races, general interest stories and much more.  We will also be hosting occasional giveaways and promotions. So be sure to subscribe to our blog today!