Compression Socks for Running

Compression socks were originally came from the medical world, but their use has now been adopted by runners over the last few years. Apart from the comfort of wearing compression socks, there are other benefits that can come from it. For instance, they improve the blood flow to the legs especially after a tough run.

Best Compression Socks for Running

Compression Socks for Running


The science behind compression socks for running

Compression socks for running help runners by:

  • Increase in blood flow – If a runner wears compression socks, the lower leg stimulates proper blood flow in the body through the compression. Note that, running may sometimes cause poor blood flow by creating pools of blood on the lower part of the leg. On that note, the compression helps improve the blood flow increasing both the performance during the running process or immediate recovery after running. The compression socks increase blood flow eliminating fatigue and creating a homeostasis environment immediately after tough running.
  • Reduced Muscle Vibration thereby preventing soreness- In the process of running, the runner pounds hard on the ground with the leg which results in muscle vibration. Without compression socks for running, the muscle vibrations would be extreme resulting in increased soreness of the muscles immediately after running.

What are the benefits of using compression socks for running?

  • Improved performance – As explained above, compression socks for running allow better blood flow to the rest of the body which eliminates fatigue. Basically the compression socks prevent pooling of blood in the lower part of the legs and better flow to the rest of the body.
  • Quick recovery – After tough running, runners often suffer fatigue and soreness which may affect later performance if not fully recovered. Thanks to the compression socks, runners can now enjoy quick recovery which is stimulated by the increased blood flow. Compression socks also reduce muscle vibration which prevents muscle soreness after running. This is partly the reason why runners wearing compression socks recover faster than those not wearing them.
  • Comfort- Zensah’s Compression Socks for Running are seamless, making them not only functional, but also extremely comfortable.
  • Calf support – Compression socks also provide calf support for runners making it easy for runners to run comfortably and faster thereby increasing their athletic performance.

In conclusion, compression socks for running are advantageous to many runners part of the reason why they have been popularized by many runners.

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