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Review of Zensah Compression Socks by Allison Linnell

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

A review of Zensah Compression Socks by Allison Linnell

As runners/triathletes/cyclists we are used to the majority of society telling us we are crazy. When others ask about our weekends, we eagerly recount the details of our 22 mile long run, through a hurricane, with blood oozing from our shoes due to blisters. The poor soul, who probably expected an answer detailing your club-hopping adventures through South Beach, then becomes increasingly wide-eyed with horror as you go on to tell them about the long ride the next day, followed by a run off the bike, and a swim later in the afternoon. Then, with a cheeky grin, you pull up the leg of your crisply ironed trousers and reveal the fluorescent tie-dyed compression socks below, explaining that these are no ordinary socks, this compression is how I am going to be able to run another 12 miles tomorrow morning!


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