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Athlete Profile: Emma Bryant – Ohio State Runner

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Emma Bryant – Ohio State Runner

Emma Bryant – Ohio State Runner

Tell us a little about yourself: Where do you live, train, etc?
I live in Dayton, Ohio and train in Vandalia, Ohio. We train six out of seven days a week. I am a freshman at Butler High School. I run track and cross country. Since our girls track and cross country teams are not very big or developed, I train and run with the varsity guys all the time. I am basically just accepted  as one of the guys now. During track season, I run the mile, sometimes the 800, and occasionally the 400. My best distance would have to be the mile. This year I’m trying to break the five minute mark for the mile. I would have to say that I favor cross country over track. I have practically claimed orange as my color while running. I have bright orange everything. It is my “trademark” you could say. Everyone knows me by my neon orange calf sleeves.

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