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Zensah Athlete – Garrett Huyler

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Name: Garrett Huyler

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Sport: Track and Field (High Jump)

Years in current sport: 15 years

What got you started: As funny as it sounds, Baseball is the reason I got started in Track and Field.  During baseball tryouts, I had injured my shoulder pitching and could hardly throw a baseball.  Rather than tell anyone, I was stubborn and tried to play through it.  Needless to say since I couldn’t throw, I got cut and then joined the track team.  The rest is history.

Garrett Huyler

Garrett Huyler

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Welcome Back Kara! New York City Marathon Recap

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

This past weekend, Kara Goucher took the first steps in her comeback, as she ran the TCS New York City Marathon. After 15 months of not racing, it was exciting and inspiring to see Kara toe the start line and give it her all. Race conditions were tough with cold temperatures and strong winds. But Kara gave it her all and we are excited to have her back and running!


Kara Goucher - NYC 2014 Marathon

Kara Goucher – NYC 2014 Marathon

Photo: Kara Goucher just before mile 12 at TCS New York City Marathon in Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks and Smart Running Gloves 

Pre-Season Training Tips

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Preparing for a Long Season

The main goal of my pre-season workouts are to prepare my body for the rigors of what the upcoming season will bring.  I will take thousands of jumps, run miles of sprints, and do hundreds of plyometric exercises throughout the season and if I do not prepare myself during the preseason it would just be asking for an injury. My main focuses during the preseason are on general strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Garrett USA Introductions

Garrett USA Introductions

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