Wool in 120 degree weather – Zensah Athlete at BadWater

Jared Fetterolf, Zensah Athlete, is a competitive Ultra Runner. He has competed in Ultra marathons across the globe and has recently been crowned the Badwater Ultra Cup champion for 2016, with the lowest combined finish time of the Badwater Cape Fear, Salton Sea and Death Valley 135! We caught up with Jared after his recent finish of the Badwater 135 to ask him a couple of questions:


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 Was this your first Badwater 135?
This was my 3rd consecutive Badwater 135 (completed all 3). Experience makes for a more efficient Badwater, but the race itself never gets easier.

What is the toughest stretch of the race?
The toughest stretch for me is the last 13 miles…a climb to the portal of Mt. Whitney. After already having ran 122 miles, and it more than likely being in the middle of the night when I approach this spot, my legs are depleted and sleep deprivation makes it an extremely difficult stretch for me.

How many times did you stop to eat? What did you eat?
I hardly “stopped” to eat, and it’s usually grabbing things out of my crew members’ hands as I continue to run, but the food mostly consisted of baby food. It’s a puree, organic, real food. I also love refreshing produce that can cool me down like mango, watermelon and blueberries! Great endurance food. Every 2-3 miles I would either need more water, electrolytes, or food.

What is must-have gear for a race like this?
Must-have gear would be my Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves, as they delay the onset of fatigue, my desert running shirt, a Buff for my head, ipods, wool socks from Zensah to prevent blisters, and handheld water bottles to run with.

Zensah Badwater Race

How did the Zensah gear (Shorts, leg sleeves & wool socks) help during the race?
The calf sleeves and socks are phenomenal and on a scale of 1-10, a 10! The shorts need a little “tailoring”. For me, there is some extra fabric in areas that make it uncomfortable and they are a tad long. I’d love to work with Zensah on a new model of compression shorts.

Badwater 135 is one of the hottest races in the planet, why did you choose to wear the wool socks?
I wore the wool socks from Zensah for Badwater because 1) wool socks are the most comfortable and 2) they help me prevent blisters and wool is sweat-wicking material!

zensah badwater wool running socks

How did they do?
They held up very well. In Badwater, it’s nearly impossible to not get a blister, but the socks prevented me having to stop and get my toes fixed. Time saver!

How many times did you have to change socks during the race?
Never had to change my socks. I make ways to save time. The one pair held up very well.

How are you recovering from the race?
I am fully recovered from the race and doing many things to help. I am swimming at the Olympic pool at my gym, weight lifting, and stretching. Also, just started getting massages. I’m feeling great.

Any advice for someone running his or her first Badwater 135?
Advice for a rookie Badwater entrant: Have a variety of food! You’re not always going to feel like eating most of the things you bring. Acknowledge the distance; you will be out there all day and night. Make sure you crew meshes well and make sure they know this is not a vacation. Come prepared.

Zensah Badwater


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